Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Lancieux is a pretty seaside village in northern Brittany, and the Sunday before last it had a nice big annual brocante. It has an old church whose bells started ringing when I was right next to it. Boy do you ever HEAR those bells! They're big thick metal bells, and you can watch them swinging in the belfry when they're ringing.

"Welcome to Paris", the pretty sign says. Except, it's not. Paris is what I'm getting away from.

Does the distinguished-looking guy who once commissioned his portrait know that it's now hanging off the side of a truck?

Would you trust the police that drove this car to win a car chase? Would you trust the ambulance next to it?

What is this mannequin? A child with boobs? An adolescent? A miniature woman? It somewhat disturbs me and I can't quite figure out why.

This picture is here for no other reason than I think this doorway is way cool. It might be the doorway to the village cemetary, or it might be the doorway to some rich person's villa.


Doree said...

Hi I just moved to Cergy France and I am a new mother my son is 4 months. I am trying to find some sort of cheap bike trailer so I we can go bike riding. I am also looking for developmental toys for my son. Since everything is so expensive here I would love to know where you go for stuff like this and if you know of any sort of kid to kid store around Paris or near by?

L Dubs said...

Thank you for your wonderful blogs!

I am going to Paris and Bayeux in a few weeks. Can you recommend any Thrift stores to me? I am a cheap-skate who loves a bargain, and unique strange things.

Take care, and happy holidays.

Mike said...

I work for and have seen a lot of mannequins in my day but never one the pic you have on here. Its not every day you see a small adult that small.

Anonymous said...

Hey!!! each summer, I go to lancieux.. it's our family place! I'm happy that you like this little city!!

Prim Annie63 said...

do you ever see any linen/hemp grain sacks.Like the ones with the red stripes. I would love to have some.