Tuesday, August 26, 2008

St. Lunaire

Saint Lunaire is another of those way too cute seaside villages. It has an 11th century church, of which you won't find a picture here, but take my word for it that it's really cool. It has two rockin' beaches as well. But all I have is a mediocre picture of the nearby field it was held in.

This brocante was small, and populated mostly by professional sellers. Prices were in keeping with the real estate, i.e. high.

The vintage linen lady's tea towel pile. Looking at this picture, I just realized that there are one or two peeking out from the pile that I didn't initially see but would have loved to have! Drat.

The vintage jewelry lady's stand.

The chair guy's stand.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Saint Malo, again

Our first stop on Saturday morning was at a food bank that was having a rummage sale. Doesn't it look like a junkyard from the outside? Well, it looked just as much like a junkyard once inside, too! There was almost no clothing - extremely rare for a rummage sale - but lots and lots of knicknacks. They had books for cheap, but very little worth buying. I didn't spend much time looking at the other odds and ends as it was all depressingly ugly. My husband picked up a pretty, and very inexpensive, painting of an Italian street scene. That was about all we got out of that one.

Our next stop was in a different section of Saint Malo. It was a surprisingly well-populated street sale. We had fun and the weather was gorgeous, although the kids were whiny. Our first stop was the bakery, to get some sustenance. Yum!

Since this was a Saturday the shops were all open and the atmosphere was festive.

The sausage guy looks kind of bored, though.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Saint Malo, Rocabey

Saint Malo is a wonderfully preserved medieval city and is absolutely one of the prettiest towns in France. As a bonus, it's got a few nice beaches. If you have never been here, you should go!

We went to one of the rare brocantes that are held on a weekday in a part of town called Rocabey. As it was a Wednesday, there were few regular people selling off their family's stuff, and lots of professional dealers. It was pretty small, but we still had fun. It was held in a square outside the fortified city walls. Looming in the background you can see the church.

As usual, there was a fair quantity of crap. This stand even proclaims it proudly!

There was nice stuff too, such as these old trunks and marine equipment.

I am forever perplexed at people who buy old family photographs. Do they hang them up in their living room? That's what I'd be tempted to do. What do you say when someone asks you who they are? I'm not French so I don't have this issue, but I'm always wondering if one day my French husband will come across a long-lost great-uncle's picture being sold off on the street.

Would you a like a doorknob? Or lots and lots of doorknobs! All ceramic, and all gorgeous.


Merdrignac is a cute little town in central Brittany. Despite its close resemblance to the word "merde", which means shit, there's nothing shitty about it, except maybe that it's in the middle of nowhere. The annual flea market was held all around a pretty lake. There was also a playground, tennis courts, miniature golf and tons of other activities, and a big forest nearby. This is a neat place to live if you like outdoor activities. If you're looking for wild nightlife, you're out of luck.

Merdrignac seems to have something of a British expatriate community. I heard them and saw them, buying and selling, in much higher proportion than I normally do, and much more than I'd expect from this place. The upside for me was finding a few boxes of English books. Yay for me!

And this is me reading my English books later in the day... I have got to stop this business of people painting me without my knowledge!

Looking for boxes of unidentifiable, rusty tools? You've come to the right place!

Looking for boxes of unidentifiable crap of a more general nature? You've come to the right place too!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Saint Briac

Saint Briac is a beautiful port village filled with old stone villas. Sunday morning it held its own big, annual brocante. There were lots of sellers and lots of buyers. Who wouldn't come treasure hunting among views like this?

Even the extraterrestrials were there.

This is a picture somebody painted of me gambolling on the beach with my toddler. All unbeknownst to me! Ha!

All I can say is ouch! my chestal area hurts just looking at this!

La Gouesnière

On Saturday we went to an inland village called La Gouesnière, a few kilometres inland from Cancale, where you can buy and eat raw oysters on the beach. La Gouesnière's annual sale was in a field; lots of ruts and holes everywhere! But far be it from me to let that get in the way of some good brocante-ing.

At La Gouesnière you can not only sell your children's outgrown clothes, you can dry them too!

Need a cast iron cauldron with a hole in the bottom? Look no further!

This stool is da bomb. I love it and I want it in my living room. It wouldn't go with anything but I have never let that stop me.

A cool assortment of plates, cradled in freshly mown hayfield.

On our way home we stopped at McDonald's, not only because of the play area, not only because you can get a beer with your fries (photographic evidence above), not only because every McDonald's in France has free wifi, but also because the food here is universally excellent.

Well, maybe not that last part.


Lancieux is a pretty seaside village in northern Brittany, and the Sunday before last it had a nice big annual brocante. It has an old church whose bells started ringing when I was right next to it. Boy do you ever HEAR those bells! They're big thick metal bells, and you can watch them swinging in the belfry when they're ringing.

"Welcome to Paris", the pretty sign says. Except, it's not. Paris is what I'm getting away from.

Does the distinguished-looking guy who once commissioned his portrait know that it's now hanging off the side of a truck?

Would you trust the police that drove this car to win a car chase? Would you trust the ambulance next to it?

What is this mannequin? A child with boobs? An adolescent? A miniature woman? It somewhat disturbs me and I can't quite figure out why.

This picture is here for no other reason than I think this doorway is way cool. It might be the doorway to the village cemetary, or it might be the doorway to some rich person's villa.