Monday, July 7, 2008

Saint Benoit des Ondes

Today, gentle reader, I am doing field work many miles from home to bring you to bring you a constant variety of French flea market experiences. Which means, I'm on vacation! But my thrifting and flea marketing never stops.

Today we went to a seaside town in Brittany, in northwestern France, called Saint Benoît des Ondes. This flea market was beachside, and there were a lot of professional dealers but a good deal of regular people as well. A lot of the stuff was almost right on the beach. Hope a nice high tide doesn't roll in!

As usual, most of the stands were a mishmash of all sorts of stuff, like this one where Jesus and Mary statues fight for space with a big porcelain soccer-ball-weilding pig.

My exciting purchases included two blankets, because it's chilly here, and a bag of socks for my son. The seller of the blanket let me take a picture of his vintage vanity case, which I admired but couldn't afford.

We were a little bit hungry at the end and nothing hits the spot like some candy from the candy stand!

The weather was cloudy but the rain held off. We got hit by a downpour while driving home but the sun came out at the same time and we were treated to this gorgeous rainbow!


Linda said...

I've only been to brochantes and vide greniers in Provence and Paris. I have to say that the ones in Brittany look more interesting.

dave said...

what a treat to find your blog! do you ever come across ludions?