Sunday, June 15, 2008


Avernes is a cute village out in the countryside. It's dominated by its church, and not much else. It has a nice decent-sized annual brocante, though.

I covet this vintage coal-burning stove, I really do. I bet it does a better job than my electric one, too. And the chairs look neat.

Now for the wacky.

Okay, WHAT is going on in this piece of artwork? Naked men stand around while shoes appear on the horizon, the shoes rain down on the shoeless as they leap to catch the pair they want. You can see the Neanderthal-looking one got himself a spiffy tan suede pair. Shoes are donned by the still naked men and all is good with the world. I'm assuming there's a point to this work, because somebody thought about it long enough to sit down and paint it and then sign his/her name to it. What it is, couldn't tell ya.

This looks like dollhouse furniture that somebody made themselves. They even painted rabbits on this wardrobe, and they did a horrible job, too. Maybe it's rabbit-hutch furniture? There's a rabbit-sized writing desk off to the left. I should really be taking pictures of nice wardrobes like the one in the background.

Too bad this picture didn't come out very well, because you would clearly see that this is a lampshade that someone has decorated by cutting out pictures of food and drink, and they did a pretty lousy job doing the cutting out. I assume (I hope) it's kid art, but why someone actually thinks they'll get money for this crap is beyond me.

This doll looks seriously pissed off. I would be too if someone did that to me!

Everybody needs a ducky dispenser. Some people even need three!


Jenny said...

Wow -- I am thrilled to see that people in France sell such weirdo items at sales! (or should I say at brocantes?) Especially since I am headed to Paris (for a scant 3 days) this summer .... hope to hit the big flea market at least, but maybe I need to hit you up for more tips, hmmm? Anyway, your blog is fab, I'll be following along for sure!

Jenny said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention that that painting is astonishing!! Wow. Vive les freaks!

C. said...

Glad to hear you'll be coming to Paris! I'd be glad to help!