Saturday, June 21, 2008


Vaucresson is an upper-middle class town and their vide-grenier (no professional antique dealers at all) was medium-sized and prices were way high.

A typical stand. I could have bought my very own French cheese-themed memo board (the one the seller is holding).

I like the canisters on this table (the zebra soap holder in the foreground, not so much).

Another brilliant specimen of French kid art.

Hey! That's my kid in the mirror! And my camera, too!

Little buddy got a whole bag of matchbox cars for a euro. After I paid for it I practically had to snatch it out of some dude's hands. He wanted to take a look inside. I paid for it already, nimrod! It's mine! It's a jungle out there.

Speaking of cars,there was a vintage car show going on right next to this flea market, but alas we had no time to take more than one picture as it was time to pick the older kids up from school. I bet you didn't know that most French schoolchildren go to school on Saturday mornings. Incredibly useful piece of trivia there.

We bought almost nothing, but I did pick up a funky-looking JP Gaultier tie.

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