Sunday, June 29, 2008

Le Vésinet

Le Vésinet is one of the wealthiest towns in all of France! So how could I miss this street sale? There were booths set up all around the church and radiating out into the streets surrounding it. There were a lot of professional dealers, and the "regular folks" selling their crap adjusted their prices in keeping with the local real estate, i.e. ever upwards. All this under the probing eye of the gargoyles carved into many of the building on the main square.

I met a woman seller with fantastic prices who I'd bought a vast amount of kids clothes from last year. Sadly, most of her high-end boutique stuff was gone by the time I found her. However, she remembered me and I remembered her, and we exchanged phone numbers so that she could sell me her clothes directly next year, instead of selling them on the street. I'm very happy about that. Go me!

I like the blue guitar. You don't see blue ones very often, do you?

And this is a bakery window display. I think the theme might be Tour de France, as it's that time of year again, but then there are motorcycles and vintage cars in the display too, so it's anybody's guess. It is very pretty though.

This is a vintage ad for egg cognac, so cognac presumably made with eggs. Eew.

On my way from the parking lot I crossed paths with a Yorkshire Terrier named Shit. It's pronounced "sheet" and is the local pronunciation of the English word shit, and is also slang for marijuana. Don't say I never taught you any vocabulary. I don't know which meaning precisely Shit was named after, but from my conversation with his mistress it's definitely one or the other. This is a picture of Shit the Dog, who happily rides in a steel cage on wheels, and probably has a perfect doggy life, gets to sleep a lot and never needs to worry about a thing, ever.


Blog Vésinet said...

Hello ! I've read your post about "Le Vésinet" and as I have a blog about the town, I often pick here and there some articles I find on the web. Just to inform you that I'm gonna use yours (well, part of it) on my blog :
Of course, there will be a link to your blog, you'll be credited :D
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C. said...

Sure, go right ahead!

Megan Rose said...

Shit the dog? Brilliant. I'm glad you added the correct pronunciation though cos now I can finally swear in French. Much classier than in English!