Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Well, Sunday we went all together as a family to another brocante after all, in Fourqueux. Fourqueux is a bit on the snooty side and so was its brocante. Prices were high and even though it was the end of the day many sellers wouldn't haggle.

We came across these two bathing (and sleeping) beauties.

And apparently we happened upon the kitschy Vallauris lamp festival! Several of these conch/sea life lamps to be seen. Plug it in and watch the fishies light up. And hope the 70s wiring doesn't short-circuit the house.

"Women and wine are two agreeable poisons" What would a 70's French household be like without a clever saying like that hanging on the wall. Har har.

My favorite of the day was this guy. He's about the size of a five year old and he will hold your drinks for you with that expectant expression on his face as you sit and watch the Euro 2008 championship (which is happening right now, I might add).

Oh, and I bought a painting of a medieval-looking street scene, but the pic of that will have to wait.

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